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Value Printed Keyrings250 x Value Printed Keyrings
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Ad Loop Printed Keyrings125 x Ad Loop Printed Keyrings
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Printed Trolley Coins100 x Printed Trolley Coins
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Promotional keyrings and printed lanyards will enable any message or logo to be constantly displayed to your customers, delegates or employees.  The large versatile print options, on promotional printed keyrings, are ideal to take any message you wish to convey and are guaranteed to be constantly used, assuming they dont loose the keys! 

Keyrings can come in a large range of styles, colours and sizes, from our Shoe String like Ad Loop Keyring, to the Bottle Opener Key Ring.  Other various types, include standard printed, trolley coins, flexible key fobs, express lanyards, value rounds, leather, wave, house shape, logofoam and velcro lanyard.  Give you and your business to select the ideal choice to reflect your logo and its message.

In recent years, lanyards have become a popular 'must have' item at all trade shows and conferences and ideal to show off your logo and personalised message.

Once you have chosen which type of promotional keyring you would like to use, you then need to decide on the colours and the content that you will put on each.  Will it just be your logo, do the colours compliment your message and design?  Do you need to add a slogan as well?  Contact details might be something else to consider, but might crowd the key ring, and might not be as important as just the brand awareness that you might be trying to achieve.

When you have made your final decisions for your promotional keyring, its good to go and put them to use, and let them roam in the pockets of the public streets.  In no time, your brand will be flashed out from your consumers pockets on a regular basis, promoting your brand and its awareness to the world to see.

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